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Living in Los Angeles is sometimes an idyllic, sun-soaked dream. Other times, it’s an unnavigable sprawling mass of endless neighborhoods featuring a constant barrage of events and activities that leave you stuck at home, absolutely paralyzed with indecision.

It really depends on the day.

No matter how you’re feeling about LA at any given moment, I’m here to help. The following ten Instagram accounts are here to both inspire you and help you out as you make your way around LA.

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Whether you’re looking for a great new restaurant to try, neighborhood to explore, a way to enrich your walks around town, or simply a stunning spot for photography, these accounts are here to point every day Angelenos in the right direction.

Even if you decide to stay on your couch (or don’t live in LA to begin with), following these IG accounts will give you a much greater appreciation for the diverse, sprawling, chaotic, fun, incredible city of LA.

Take a look at often-overlooked neighborhoods, the incredible assortment of cuisines available throughout the city, and the jaw-dropping California sunsets that illuminate the skies.



If you have a day off or a chill weekend coming up, @losangelesbucketlist is the account you’re going to want to check out.

LA is so huge and unwieldy as a city that it’s likely you could live here for a decade and still not get to everything it has to offer. I’ve been here almost 9 years. I would be lying if I said I’d truly explored more than 50-60% of the city.

Plus, new nightlife and food spots, museums, activities, and shops pop up every day. Keeping up with everything can be hard.

However, with @losangelesbucketlist you’ll get a good range of ideas about how to spend your free time in LA. You might even be inspired to try something new, like spending a retro day at the Moonlight Rollerway. Thanks to my lack of coordination, I will be skipping this particular suggestion.

Try the Broken Shaker rooftop bar (which is truly incredible – both cocktail and view wise), have an incredible meal at Bavel in downtown LA, or explore the quirky Lab Anti-Mall.



As one of the official (blue checkmark and all) Instagram accounts of LA, @DiscoverLA shows off everything from incredible urban views to local spots of interest and new restaurants. You can check out the publication DiscoverLA for more information as well.

Follow this account to find out interesting information on LA history, events, and trivia. The pretty photos don’t hurt either.



Whoever said LA isn’t a pretty city hasn’t taken a look at @killakristenn‘s account.

Kristen Bautista is an incredibly talented LA-based photographer. She uploads everything from mind-blowing sunsets to enchanting night shots. Her photos take you all across the City of Angels.

Beyond showing majestic photos of the Milky Way over Malibu, Kristen also highlights a lot of cool spots in the greater LA area. From Spring Street downtown to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Kristen shows off a good variety of destinations around the city.



In LA, you will quickly find that the city’s best food is seldom found in its five star restaurants. It’s much more likely to be discovered in a truck or well-hidden-in-a-strip-mall food joint.

Whether you’re searching for some of the cuisine LA is most famous for (Mexican, Korean, good ol’ American burgers), or something a little harder to find, @LosAngeles_Eats has you covered.

The last few posts, as of this article, include colorful matcha bowls, mouthwatering uni pasta, and lamb al pastor dishes from some of the most delicious food joints around town, just to name a few.

Follow this account to become THAT person in your friend group. You know, the one who always knows where to get the best dishes. That’s a good person to be.


@_elyunior_ is a fan of street photography, candid shots, and portraits of cool as hell Angelenos taken right on the streets.

Beyond being the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles is an incredibly diverse, thriving city. People from all walks of life and all around the world come here to improve their realities and chase their dreams.

If you want to see images of LA beyond the pretty sunsets and the Hollywood sign, @_elyunior_ does a great job of showing what life in most of the city is like on the ground.



With a focus on urban, night, and sunset shots, @artbyartla showcases downtown LA and nights on the beach more so than the traditional sunny, pastel-tinted LA photos you tend to see on IG. A real estate photographer by trade, Art’s appreciation for architecture and urban design is obvious in his account.

His love of long exposure and use of light gives his photography a special look. Though most of his photos are LA-centered, Art also takes trips around the state of California, whether it’s up to the Bay Area or out to the desert.

Follow him to see some vibrant night and sunset views of the Los Angeles area.



This is another LA food account, but the truth is, you can never follow too many.

Run by popular travel blogger Layla, @lafoodiegirl showcases some of the best meals around town, from budget casual to high-end gourmet.

Try Vietnamese food at Phorage, or build your own burger at The Counter. Layla also travels out of town quite frequently, so you will also find great food and restaurant tips from around the world on this account.


David Ingraham runs an almost exclusively black and white account over at @dayzdandconfuzd. His photos have a grittier, urban feel, and he prefers to highlight street scenes.

Many of his photos focus on the people and places of downtown LA. If you want a different, but equally representative look at the City of Angels, away from its famous beaches and hills, this is a great account to follow.

I always find that tourists and outsiders pigeonhole LA into a very specific image of a city; however, a massive, diverse city like this can’t just fit into one box. David’s account shows you another dimension of Angeleno reality.



“No one walks in LA” has to be one of the biggest lies I’ve ever heard. @TreesofLA is here to help make your walks more beautiful and cure your “tree blindness”, as the account states.

Of course there are a few (mostly residential) neighborhoods that are not conducive to walking and don’t have much of a Main Street.

However, if you live in one of several other LA neighborhoods – such as downtown, West Hollywood, Culver City, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Koreatown, Arts District, Hollywood, Miracle Mile, Chinatown, old Pasadena (should I go on?) – and are anywhere NEAR a central road, you can actually walk to a lot of places.

I genuinely like walking around LA, especially when flowers are blooming and the smells of jasmine and lavender fill the air.

@TreesofLA is here to make your walks a little more interesting and informative. The account managers are interested in preserving the beautiful urban forest that Los Angeles possesses, and seek to make pedestrians and others a little more aware of the stunning species they pass every day.

See if you can spot all the trees and flowers featured here on your LA walks!



Let’s be real, I didn’t write a whole blog post on Instagram accounts just to not include @Losethemap_. However, I tried to keep it humble by putting my own account right at the very end – did it work?

While I do travel a fair amount, I have been based in LA for the last several years. I am also in love with my adopted home.

Follow me to see my adventures and work around the world, but also my walks and explorations around LA and California! I have a few cool road trips coming up in the next few weeks, so check them out!

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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow Love Los Angeles