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The following is a guest post from Outdoorsy, an RV rental site. After my California campervan trip last year, a lot of you wanted to know how to RV the country on a budget. Since the folks at Outdoorsy have a lot more experience with this topic than me, I thought I’d let them share the best tips for RV trips on a budget.

Traveling in an RV has many added benefits; being at one with nature, having more freedom, comfort and more opportunities to see the world. As great as all those points are, what really pulls people into the RV world is the chance to save money whilst traveling.

It’s true: when done correctly, traveling in an RV can save you a lot of money. Not only on flights but on transportation, hotels, and food. When done incorrectly, the result can be a lot of unnecessary spending that really doesn’t enhance your trip in any way.

To help you along, we’ve compiled a few tips for RV trips on a budget, without compromising on any of the fun. Here they are.

Top Tips for RV Trips on a Budget | Lose the Map Travel Blog

Re-enactment of me trying to find my way on any road trip.

Planning Makes Perfect

If you are following a budget, a plan is a little bit crucial. We know, the beauty of traveling in an RV means that you have the freedom to be spontaneous, and obviously we don’t want you to miss out on this. That being said, if you start your RV travels with no plan whatsoever, you might lose money here and there – which can add up to quite a bit in the long run.

Just looking into simple things including, double checking the routes that will save you on gas money, finding the most inexpensive campsites to rest at and the most cost-effective places to spend long periods of times in. Some cities are much more expensive than others, without necessarily offering you any more than other more affordable options.

Just a little plan will help you massively as you can save on the big expenses. You can still make spontaneous choices along the way.

Stock up on Food

You have your own kitchen, in your very own RV, why not use it to save you a lot of money? Most travelers would love their own kitchen to make delicious meals in and it is why so many people love taking RV trips.

If you’ve traveled before, without an RV, you’ll know how expensive eating out and ordering in can become.

So, instead of spending an unnecessary amount of money on meals in a restaurant, make it yourself for a lot less. You can also get prepared food that is quick and easy or, even better make meals before you go and pack everything to go with you in your vacation on wheels.

This also counts for snacks for the journey, don’t stop at service stations and cafes on your road trip, pack a few snacks (make some of them a little bit healthy) and you’ll be fine. You won’t believe how cheap your trips will be if you don’t spend so much on food.

Top Tips for RV Trips on a Budget | Lose the Map Travel Blog

RV parked under an amazing sky

Try Boondocking

If you’re not sure what this is, it’s basically when you camp…with no amenities. This means, no electric, toilets or water. A lot of spots for this type of camping are not only completely free but incredibly stunning.

Of course, this isn’t for everybody, but it could be a really great experience, especially if you have a strict budget or are eager to explore some really off the beaten path locations.

Become a Little More Handy

We won’t sugar coat it – things go wrong mechanically on any vehicle…It’s just life. There’s no avoiding it, but there are ways to make it sting a little less.

If you’re on the road and something happens to your RV. With no tools, experience or knowledge on the matter, you could be looking at quite a hefty bill to call somebody out to fix you.

Now, imagine if you had your own tools and you knew exactly how to fix it? You could save so much money and feel like a superhero.

Pack all the essential tools and repair kits needed for RVs. Research into your RV, just the basics.

Safety always comes first, don’t risk it if you’re not sure how to repair it. Sometimes you can’t put a price on something, and your peace of mind is one of them.

Travel with Friends

Group travel is always easier on the budget. Traveling with friends or extended family helps share costs among more people. If you are renting an RV the cost difference is minimal to add a few extra beds by renting a slightly larger vehicle. When you go on a trip with a group there are also discounts available at attractions and campsites in some locations. The advantages go beyond the budget as well as the adventure and fun are multiplied.

We hope these little hints and tips help you have the best, cost-effective RV trip of your life. We’re sure you’re glad to see just how easy and simple they are. Sometimes a little extra planning, research, and organization can end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

Do you have any tips for RV trips on a budget that we’ve missed out? Anything that really works for you on your travels? Let us know.