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Savannah, Georgia is becoming a popular destination for tourists who want a taste of the picturesque Old South. The “Hostess City” is very welcoming to visitors, and the beautiful architecture and scenery around every corner will make you want to stay forever.

So if you want to get a sense the city’s Southern history, book one of the Savannah hotels in the 22-block Historic District, and take a walk around these beautiful spots.

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City Market

In order to start your Historic District tour, head to City Market. This area is a perfect example of the old and new Savannah coming together. Originally a bustling market in the 19th century, City Market enjoyed a resurgence and is now a pedestrian-only zone full of great cafes, shops, and cool galleries showcasing Savannah’s art scene. Check out the storefronts, or sit in a café and people watch.

River Street

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If you want to get some great local seafood, or just stroll around a charming old-fashioned cobblestone street, head to River Street during the day. Come back at night for a pub crawl on the same streets that sailors used to frequent when they made port in Savannah.

Mercer Williams House Museum

Check out this centuries-old house that was once the home of singer Johnny Mercer and the infamous Jim Williams, a local antique dealer who went to trial four times for murder. Though the history of Mercer Williams House Museum may sound a little morbid, the house is a beautiful property definitely worth visiting. The ground floor has a traditional Southern style and many beautiful antiques from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

The Cathedral is hard to miss as it towers over Lafayette Square, one of the central gathering spots of Savannah’s Historic District. It was built at the end of the 19th century, replacing an original church that had stood on the grounds from 1799. Don’t just take a look at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and leave. As beautiful as the architecture looks from the outside, the interior of the church is splendidly elegant, with Italian marble and gorgeous stained-glass windows. Just make sure you head to the Cathedral on a weekday, as religious services still take place here on the weekends and tourists are not allowed.

Bonaventure Cemetery

If you are fond of some of the old Southern writers and poets and want to venture outside the Historic District, take a walk around Bonaventure Cemetery. Many old figures of literature, such as Conrad Aiken, are buried on these grounds, and the cemetery itself has that classic, aristocratic Southern feel to it.

Forsyth Park

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When you get tired of walking around the streets of Savannah all day, make your way to Forsyth Park for a little rest and relaxation before heading back to the Savannah hotels. The park is a 30-acre beauty in the center of the Historic District with plenty of historic sites within its borders, including the beautiful Forsyth Fountain, memorials to the Confederacy and the Spanish-American War, and the 300-year-old Candler Oak tree.