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Though Cannes has become world-famous for its annual film festival, it is also a city that has become a symbol of glamour, beauty, and the jet-set crowd. With all the rich and famous crowding the city every summer on their yachts, it’s no wonder Cannes has also become one of the premier shopping destinations in Europe.

If you’re heading to the coastal French town and want to shop (or window shop) the best products among the rest of the area’s fashionable visitors, ranging from clothes and decorations to food, check out the following Cannes markets and shopping areas.

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Rue d’Antibes

Rue d’Antibes is the trendiest shopping street in Cannes, surpassing even the parallel La Croisette on the coast with its glamorous visitors. High-end boutiques and clothing lines line the street, but you can also find plenty of tea rooms, perfumeries, and florists on the road. Window shop, splurge on a bag or bracelet, or just admire the beautiful jewelry and clothing neatly arranged in the shops’ display windows.

La Croisette

Like Rue d’Antibes, La Croisette runs exactly parallel and is also home to plenty of Cannes hotels and restaurants. If you want to combine your high-end shopping with a coastal walk, as well as a stop for gourmet dining, spend the afternoon walking down the busiest street in Cannes.

Rue Meynadier

Less known but more affordable than the first two shopping streets is Rue Meynadier, which hosts a bit of everything in its shops and stalls. On this street, you can check out local products like perfumes and wines, as well as specialty food like meats and cheeses, while also indulging in some fashion shopping. Best of all, Rue Meynadier is right on the path to Le Suquet, Cannes’ historic and charming old town, so you can combine your shopping with a little sightseeing.

Rue Hoche

This pedestrian-only street is perfect for a lazy shopping stroll. You will everything from cafés and Cannes hotels to interior design shops and hairdressers on this elite road. Spend a little money to get your hair done for an evening out on the town, and then stop to chat with friends among some of the wealthiest citizens of and visitors to Cannes.

Marche Forville

If you want to try your hand at French cooking while in Cannes, there’s no better place to stop than at Marche Forville, the city’s premier food market. Visit in the early morning, while the food is the freshest and huge crowds haven’t swarmed the market yet.

At Marche Forville, you will get to see all the local products of Provence brought together in one place, including olive oil and tasty tomatoes. The smell of thyme and basil wafting through the marketplace will get your appetite going so you can pick out fresh and delicious ingredients to make a classic French dinner.

Cannes has something to offer every shopper, from those looking for the most glamorous, high-end couture to the shopper looking to make a fantastic French meal. Shopping is an important part of Cannes culture, so make sure to visit some of the places on your next stop in this French Riviera town.