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Cannes is known for its world-famous film festival which attracts plenty of film enthusiasts and jet-set tourists every year. No matter what time of year you book a trip to this French Riviera resort town, you will find plenty to do during the day ranging from shopping to exploring the old town of Le Suquet.

However, most visitors to Cannes don’t know about the less visited and stunningly beautiful attractions they can find just outside the city limits. If you want to leave the tourist throngs and explore the area outside Cannes, check out some of the following day trips from the city.

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Visit the World Capital of Perfume in Grasse

Just half an hour away from luxurious Cannes lies the small city of Grasse, which boasts the title of the World Capital of Perfume. There are three local perfume factories which all offer daily tours to interested tourists, though perhaps Fragonard’s tour is most well-known. After you’re done learning about the manufacture of perfume, you can head to the International Museum of Perfume and the local Cathedral, at which you can admire works by Rubens.

Explore the Medieval City of Valbonne

The scenic medieval city of Valbonne is a wonderful afternoon getaway from Cannes, as there are plenty of cafes and craft shops at which you can while away the day. The village was established in 1519, and still has a lot of the original medieval buildings with beautiful flowers climbing up the stone walls.

Discover Picasso’s Old Home in Antibes

Antibes, one of the neighboring coastal villages to Cannes, was home to Picasso for a six-month period in 1946. He left many of his works to the town he fell in love with, so as a result the castle that housed him during his stay now features several pieces by the famous painter and has become the Picasso Museum. When you’re done with a stroll through the museum, you can explore any of Antibes’ beautiful beaches and gardens, such as the exotic Exflora Park.

Stroll Through the Ventimiglia Market

Cross the border to Italy and discover the enormous Ventimiglia Market. The town of Ventimiglia is only an hour away from Cannes, and if you are in town on Friday you will discover the city’s famous outdoor market. Take the quick train service or a private coach from Cannes, and then spend the day browsing goods ranging from household goods to clothes and gourmet foods. The market is open from 8 Am to around 5 PM on Fridays, but if you want to visit the city on a weekday, you can also check out the indoor market full of fresh produce and locally prepared Italian products such as fresh pasta and artisanal cheeses.

Though Cannes has plenty of things to see and do, there are a number of wonderful getaways just outside the city limits that make for wonderful day trips when you want a change of pace. So leave the crowds at the Riviera and the Cannes hotels behind you for a day to explore everything this beautiful French region has to offer.