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It’s officially May, which means your summer trip planning is probably underway (unless you’re a disorganized freak like me, in which case you’ll probably wander into a train station one day in June and decide you need to take off like, now).

Whether you’re looking for ideas for a new travel destination, or need to stay home this summer but want to travel a little vicariously through some stunning photos, I put together a list of incredible travel Instagram accounts to get your inspiration going!

I have only included individual Instagrammers and bloggers, rather than accounts like National Geographic, because 1) come on, you already know about National Geographic and 2) building up a great Instagram travel account is hard work and should be recognized! Speaking of which, quick insert before we start:

Lose the Map

Lose the Map Instagram

Follow @losethemap_

*Ahem* just a bit of shameless-self promotion before we start. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my adventures and see what it’s really like to be on the road and get these shots behind the scenes by viewing my stories. You will get to see a lot of cool places right along with me, and get a glimpse into the disorganized mess that is my life, which should be good for a laugh. Come join!

And now, check out the list below and follow some truly amazing Instagrammers, each with their own niche, style, and focus on travel!

15 Best Instagram Travel Accounts to Follow

The Blog Abroad

The Blog Abroad Instagram

Follow @Glographics

Gloria’s energy and amazing attitude is insanely infectious. Not only does she upload plenty of kickass photos of her travels, but each is usually accompanied by either an inspirational, amusing observation, or a more in-depth reflection on the places she visits. Check it out, and get inspired to travel the world! Gloria is currently on a journey through Africa, so that should make for plenty of wow-inducing pictures coming up on her account.

A Lady in London

Lady in London Instagram

Follow @aladyinlondon

Not only does Julie really know what she’s doing when it comes to photography, but she also manages to find breathtaking little corners, views, and details of European cities outside the more well-known and well photographed tourist sights. My obsession with her account is helped by the fact that she is based in London, which is one of my favorite cities on this earth to explore and snap in. Follow her for some great photos and insights throughout the UK and beyond!

Brendan Van Son

Brendan Van Son Instagram

Follow @brendanvanson

If you want to see the world through the eyes of a professional travel photographer, take in the stunning landscapes and incredible panoramas of Brendan Van Son’s account. Not only does he have a great sense of humor and playfulness on his journeys, but he is also one of those people that will inspire you to become a better photographer.

Young Adventuress

Young Adventuress Instagram

Follow @youngadventuress

Liz is probably the first travel blogger I ever followed, and her Instagram account got me dreaming about places I had known almost nothing about before. Based in incredibly photogenic New Zealand, Liz travels to countries like Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Norway, and Jordan and shares her finds and adventures with her huge following. The best thing about following this account is that you will always get a straight-up, no BS, honest account of Liz’s journeys; she’s not one to hold back and sugarcoat.

Ryan in the US

Ryan in the US Instagram

Follow @ryanintheus

Ryan is an Aussie photographer based in the US who spends a lot of time exploring US cities, national and state parks, and other natural wonders that many Americans don’t even know about. Follow this account to get a wonderful dose of the diverse beauty and locations in the United States.

Kirsten Alana

Kirsten Alana Instagram

Follow @kirstenalana

If you want a combination of inspiration, context, and history with your photos, so you get a much better idea of what you’re looking at and the story behind it, Kirsten Alana’s account is perfect for you. Kirsten not only shares snapshots of the amazing places she gets to visit, but she also provides in-depth accounts of the stories surrounding a place, and often gives great tips on how she got her picture, and how to visit the destination yourself.

Getting Stamped

Getting Stamped Instagram

Follow @gettingstamped

Are you a fan of out of this world beaches, drone shots, and nature in all its jaw-dropping glory? Follow Hannah and Adam as they experience and photograph some of the most gorgeous places this world has to offer, from angles that seem almost impossible.

Daniel Kordan

Daniel Kordan Instagram

Follow @danielkordan

Sharing photos of faraway, hard to reach places, ranging from glaciers and mountains to the end of days-long hiking trails, Daniel Kordan shares epic professional photos from parts of the world most of us are too removed from (and inactive) to get to see. As soon as I start working out daily, I’ll get there too. I swear.

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond Instagram

Follow @expertvagabond

Matthew is one of the most adventurous travel bloggers out there. He explored the Darien Gap (you know that part of Colombia most people are afraid to even go near?) and trekked Afghanistan’s Wakhan corridor. There’s adventure travel, and then there’s ADVENTURE TRAVEL. I love discovering little known and little visited places all over the world, so Matthew’s account is one of my favorites by far.

Girl vs Globe

Girl vs Globe Instagram

Follow @girlvsglobe

I just met Sabina in London, and she has to be one of the kindest, most gracious and positive travel bloggers I have ever met. Her account chronicles her trips around the world, and she really focuses on building a community of travelers on her Instagram account. Sabina is always looking to have a conversation and get thoughts and tips from her followers. Follow her for some remarkable shots!

Nomad is Beautiful

Nomad is Beautiful Instagram

Follow @nomadisbeautiful

Some people worry that extensive travel can only really be done if you’re solo, but Ivana and Gianni are here to prove you wrong. These two amazing photographers travel the world together taking great high-quality shots of the places they visit and the people they see along the way. Follow along and check out their wonderfully written blog as well!

JJ Ochsenbein

JJO Instagram

Follow @jjo_photo

JJ is a photographer based in Hawaii. I could literally stop right there because you’re probably already clicking over to follow his account. BUT I’ll also say that if you’re looking for tropical/island travel inspiration, or missing summer, or just want to see the incredible islands of Hawaii in dazzling, colorful form, you should definitely follow JJ on Instagram.

Alex Block

Alex Block Instagram

Follow @alexblock

Alex spent a lot of time traveling around Southeast Asia and India, and his dazzling photos reflect his incredible journey in the cities and nature of Asia. Besides the major temples and sights, Alex also snaps photos of his day to day activities while on the road no matter where he is, from busy coffee shops in Bangkok to sunsets in remote Laotian villages. Follow him to really see what exploring Asia is like on the ground!

Lauren Bath

Lauren Bath Instagram

Follow @laurenepbath

Lauren has a massive following thanks to her great pro shots of her journeys around the world. She is based in Australia, so you’ll get to see a fair bit of the far-flung Land Down Under on her account as well. Explore the coasts, night skies, and fabulous nature of the wildest continent through Lauren’s account.

Girl Eat World

Follow @girleatworld

Here’s a shoutout to my more food-loving followers – which, aren’t we all in some way, really? What kind of weirdo doesn’t love food? Follow Mel as she not only shows you great destinations around the world, but also holds delicious local treats in the foreground for you to salivate over. Try not to check this account when hungry.

Who are your favorite travel Instagrammers?! Comment below! And if you liked this article, Pin away!

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