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11 Travel Accessories Every Adventurer Needs

This article from Hipmunk gives great tips on what any backpacker and adventurere needs on the road. Especially the USB Utility Charge Tool and waterproof travel backpack (take it from someone who has managed to somehow put her backpack down in a puddle of water in Death Valley).  As for #4, I’m going to order new […]

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travel accessories

How to Pack Light For Any Trip, Anywhere

One of the best pieces of advice I could give travelers heading on a long-term trip is to watch what they pack. I thought I did an admirable job on my six-week solo trip, only to feel that I wanted to throw out 30% of my suitcase on days when I was lugging my 20kg […]

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Film in Europe

Europe for Film Buffs

Check out Hipmunk’s suggestions to find great film locations in major European cities, whether you’re touring”Amelie”‘s Paris or the romantic streets of Vienna in “Before Sunrise”. If you’re a film buff and you love to travel, Europe has it all. Not only do the cities on this list have great restaurants, museums and hotels, they […]

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Best Day Trips from Cannes

Cannes is known for its world-famous film festival which attracts plenty of film enthusiasts and jet-set tourists every year. No matter what time of year you book a trip to this French Riviera resort town, you will find plenty to do during the day ranging from shopping to exploring the old town of Le Suquet. […]

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Vernazza hike

9 Reasons to Try Solo Travel At Least Once

I got back from a six-week solo trip a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to write about my whole chaotic experience since the second the plane touched the ground at LAX. However, it’s taken a little processing and some time to get a good perspective on my trip. I first came back with so many thoughts racing through my head, so […]

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