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7 First Impressions of an American in London

There are a number of wonderful things I loved about London: the artistically constructed buildings strewn all around the center, the diversity of people (and food options), the efficiency and cleanliness of the Underground. Views like these: However, this is not a post about the grand beauty and culture of London. This is a post about the […]

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Win 3 Guidora Guides For Your Next Travels!

November is here, and in a lot of places the weather is getting colder, the wind is picking up a little more, and summer vacation already seems like it was ages ago. In short, you’re probably already dreaming of your next getaway. Whether you want to book a trip for the winter holidays, decide where your next summer vacation should […]

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Imperial Palace

Where to Discover Old Tokyo

Where should you go when you get tired of the neon lights, crowded streets, and massive buildings of most Tokyo neighborhoods? Most of the photos coming out of Tokyo depict huge crowds winding their way through flashy skyscrapers, but there is also another side to the city. It might not seem that way at first; much of the […]

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Golden Gai: The Coolest Little Bars on the Planet

As I had mentioned yesterday in my little love letter to Shibuya, Shinjuku and Shibuya are quite superficially similar. Both are lively, central neighborhoods where young crowds wind their way through an endless barrage of bars and restaurants to get the most basic of human needs, food and beer. But Shinjuku has a slightly different atmosphere…and […]

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Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya: Why I Loved the Heart of Tokyo

If you are visiting Tokyo for the first time and prefer being in the center of things, you will probably be deciding between the neighborhoods of Shinjuku and Shibuya. Though they are only three stops apart on the metro, there is a definite difference in the feel of each neighborhood. I myself stayed in Shibuya, and though I […]

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Takeshita Street

What is Harajuku Really Like?

Besides being an upscale Tokyo neighborhood, Harajuku is a place that has taken on a life of its own in pop culture, mostly disconnected from its reality (thank you, Gwen Stefani). So I was curious to walk the neighborhood’s real streets and experience the Harajuku vibe for myself. Located right between the young, busy neighborhoods of […]

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