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As the financial powerhouse of Italy, Milan boasts one of the best dining, fashion, and art scenes in the entire country. Style is probably what this Italian city is most well-known for internationally. After all, models and designers haven’t really “made it” until they’ve walked in Milan’s Fashion Week, and the city designs some of the most high-end furniture in the world.

So what if you’ve landed in the city, rested up at one of the hotels in Milan, and now want to dive into the style and shopping scene? Where should you start?

Here are the best places to go to and things to do in Milan, in my opinion, if you really want a crash course in Milanese style. First and foremost, you should…

Photo by Tonette Pineda via

Window Shop in the Fashion District

This might be the most obvious suggestion, but it’s one you should take anyway. The reason I say “window shop” instead of “shop” is because most of the designer stores in the Fashion District are for the very (very) rich. Walk down Via Monte Napoleone and pick out one or two items you might like, or try to find some of the more “normal” stores scattered between the designers and pick up a few items there.

Either way, Via Monte Napoleone is great for not only getting an understanding of the city’s fashion sense and aesthetic, but also for admiring a lot of the local street style, as many of Milan’s best-dressed congregate here on the weekends.

Visit the Brera Art Gallery

This beautiful display of genius design and architecture was originally built as an Academy of Fine Arts, which makes it the perfect place to continue your style and design tour of Milan. In addition to its art collection, the Brera Art Gallery also hosts a large, antique library and an observatory.

Check Out the Shows at SuperStudio

SuperStudio boasts some of the most chic and leading studios for fashion photography in the entire world. The sleek building frequently holds events covering all the latest in fashion, design, art, and even dance. So when you’re in Milan, check out any upcoming events being held at the studio and try to book at least one.

Have a Drink at Dolce & Gabbana Bar Martini

Though the drinks here are expensive, the chic atmosphere is well worth the pricey cocktail. Models, designers, and plenty of fashionistas hang around this ultra-modern bar, so if you need a rest after a full day or shopping, unwind with a drink at the Dolce & Gabbana Bar Martini.

Stroll Through Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II

This is the oldest shopping center in Milan, and one of the most well-known worldwide. It is close to many of the best hotels in Milan, so you can explore this gigantic shopping center when you feel like it. Anafternoon at Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele will not just get you better acquainted with style in terms of clothing and fashion, but in terms of design and architecture as well. The Galleria is one of the most beautifully designed structures in the city, with great historic value as well.