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When I travel, I like to make myself feel “at home” as much as possible in the place I’m visiting.  Sometimes, that means staying with a friend that happens to live in my destination, or renting an apartment on Airbnb, or just couchsurfing.  However, if I want to relax a little more and be taken care of at a hotel, I find that boutique hotels provide much more of a sense of home and comfort than huge resorts or hostels.

If you’re visiting the beautiful and lively collection of people, streets, and buildings that make up São Paulo, you’re definitely going to want to find a hotel that provides a little relief at night. Boutique hotels tend to have fewer rooms, a more intimate, luxurious setting, and they offer a sense of hospitality that few others hotels match. Check out the following boutique hotels in São Paulo, so you can balance a day on the town with a quiet haven of a hotel room at night.

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Royal Jardins Boutique Hotel

Stay in this boutique hotel to explore Jardins, one of the most upscale and beautiful São Paulo neighborhoods. For traveling shoppers, this hotel provides easy access to the stores and shopping streets in the Jardins neighborhood and comes at a very affordable price considering its surroundings. You are also just a short walking distance away from the Museum of Art of São Paulo, Siqueira Campos Park, and my personal favorite, Avenida Paulista, which pretty much offers every activity imaginable.

Hotel Brasil Boutique Hotel

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Somewhere between a hostel and a boutique, this is definitely a hotel for younger travelers. If you want to stay out all night in some of the coolest restaurants, bars and clubs in São Paulo, like the Restaurante Tanger above, this is the place to book. The rooms are dormitory style, so if you really need your privacy maybe this isn’t the best choice for you. However, if you want to spend your stay in São Paulo exploring the bohemian Vila Madalena neighborhood and meeting all kinds of artsy locals and interesting travelers, check out this very cheap São Paulo hotel.

Fasano Hotel São Paulo

A hotel for the luxury traveler, the Fasano is pretty well-known for its incredible service and beautifully decorated rooms. Even though it is a full-service hotel with a pool, spa, and business center, it only has 60 rooms, giving it a more intimate feel than some of the larger chain hotels. Another great choice if you want to stay in the great Jardins neighborhood, close to the central avenues of São Paulo.

L’Hotel Porto Bay São Paulo

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Stay at the L’Hotel Porto Bay right on Avenida Paulista if you want to be close to restaurants, nightlife, shopping, and about half the attractions in São Paulo. It is right on the busiest street in the city, so you have easy access to everything, including the city’s central subway stations, one of which is pictured above. The good news is the hotel provides a little reprieve from the noise and activity outside – it has 77 comfortable, spacious rooms, and a full-service spa where you can book ever treatment imaginable, from massages to Japanese baths.

Hotel Unique

If price is less of a problem for you, and you are more focused on having your stay in São Paulo be…well…unique, you really can’t go wrong with this choice. The Hotel Unique is close to Ibirapuera Park(pictured below) and has only 95 rooms, but it is extremely famous throughout the city for its very modern, cutting edge design, both for the building and inside the rooms. Architecture and design buffs will love every inch of this São Paulo hotel.

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