Travel Publications & Interviews

I have had been able to reach a large audience of travelers through writing for several other publications, including Matador Network, Trekity, and Kiss From the World. Below are a sample of my articles on other sites and in print:


“Best” Lists

  • Best Female Travel Blogs 2016 – Read Here

Matador Network

  • How to Parent Like a Greek – Read Here
  • 7 Reasons to Skip Milan and Head to Mantua Instead – Read Here
  • How to Piss Off a Greek – Read Here
  • 21 Funniest Greek Expressions and How to Use Them – Read Here

Kiss From the World

  • The Outdoor Guide to San Francisco – Read Here
  • The Foodie Guide to Rome – Read Here
  • 4 Best Hiking Trails in Los Angeles – Read Here
  • Top 7 Things To Do in Sao Paulo – Read Here
  • Great Boutique Stays Across California – Read Here
  • The Best Boutique Lodges Across Colorado – Read Here
  • 4 Coolest Boutique Hotels in Los Angeles – Read Here
  • The Foodie Guide to San Francisco – Read Here



  • I Have Lived Through Danger and I Am Grateful For It – Read Here


  • Best Winery Hotels in Portland – Read Here
  • Best Business Hotels in Las Vegas – Read Here

Greek Reporter

  • Why Greece Will Always Be My First Love – Read Here
  • Never Ask Google to Translate These 22 Funny Greek Expressions (and how to use them) – Read Here
  • “Frozen Ambrosia”: Winter Adventures in Greece – Read Here


  • Tips for Thrifty Travelers – BRASS Magazine (Print)